Changes required to CMakeLists.txt files to build on 64-bit Windows #112

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Using the 0.9.4 source, CMake 2.8.1, and Visual Studio 2010, I found that I needed some changes to get everything to build:

  • In the main CMakeLists.txt file, add "include_directories(${OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR}) inside the OPENSSL_FOUND conditional at line 19.
  • Also in the main file, add if (MSVC) set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} /bigobj") endif()
  • in libs/network/example/CMakeLists.txt, add Boost_FILESYSTEM_LIBRARY to the BOOST_CLIENT_LIBS and BOOST_SERVER_LIBS variables.
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Thanks for the report. Would you mind sending in a pull request instead to fix this properly?



I don't know why this issue was never closed but I'm having troubles in the same scenario.


See the changes here: CovenantEyes@c22ff4c

I can't issue a pull request since these changes were made to 0.9.4. The current master (78e6707) gives innumerable build errors from CMake's VisualStudio projects, so I had to rollback to 0.9.4 in my fork.

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Elliot, you can track the cpp-netlib/0.9-devel branch -- that's the branch where changes to 0.9.x happen. If you need more help, let me know.


@deanberris, Thanks. I've submitted a pull request to 0.9-devel: #193.

@deanberris deanberris closed this Jul 5, 2013
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