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The C++ Network Library

On Focus

  • We will develop cpp-netlib to become a standalone project and community. This means we will not aim for Boost review and/or acceptance but will evaluate regularly in the future whether it would be something we might be ready to do.
  • We will develop our own community and guidelines for growing the library and the number of contributors to the project. We will still welcome input from members of the Boost community and will continue to engage them since we still depend on some Boost libraries. We will however foster our users and developers community independently of Boost's practices and guidelines.
  • We will make cpp-netlib useful to more people. This involves writing more libraries that will be useful to more people as far as network programming in modern C++ is concerned.

On Direction

  • We will use C++11 features immediately. Gearing up for the development of v1.0, we will accept contributions and will be writing code that compiles in C++11 compliance mode across the major compilers that do support C++11 currently (MSVC 2010/2012, GCC 4.6+, Clang 3.1(svn)+).
  • We will encourage backport efforts to C++03. Once stable releases have been tagged, a branch for C++03 back-porting will be started.
  • We will encourage a decentralized development and contribution effort. Each of the maintainers will have areas of responsibility and ownership of certain parts of the library. As we grow the library going forward we will encourage the promotion of active contributors to become sub-maintainers of the specific areas of responsibilities.

The project's new mission is:

To develop modern C++ libraries for easier network programming.

The library will no longer be header-only and will not support a header-only development model.

We Are Looking For

  • Testers
  • Library developers for new protocols and sub-libraries
  • Application developers willing to use cpp-netlib


If you're interested in contributing, take at look at our issue tracker.

If you want to contribute anything else, please feel free to drop us a line on our mailing list.

Developer References


You can find the developer roadmap on its own Wiki page. You can get to that from here.

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