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C++ Network URI

This project contains the source code that will track the proposal for a C++ URI at

This package provides:

  • A network::uri class that implements a generic URI parser, compatible with RFC 3986 and RFC 3987
  • Accessors to the underlying URI parts
  • A range-compatible interface
  • Methods to normalize and compare URIs
  • Percent encoding and decoding functions
  • A URI builder to build consistent URIs from parts, including case, percent encoding and path normalization

Building the project

Configuring Boost

Boost can be downloaded from This library requires at least Boost 1.53. Follow instructions to build boost at and set the environment variable BOOST_ROOT to the location of the installation.

Configuring google-test

Instructions can be found here: . In order to locate using cmake, set the environment GTEST_ROOT to the location of the installation.

Building with CMake

$ set BOOST_ROOT=...
$ set GTEST_ROOT=...
$ mkdir _build
$ cd _build
$ cmake ..
$ make -j4

Running the tests with CTest

$ ctest


This library is released under the Boost Software License (please see or the accompanying LICENSE_1_0.txt file for the full text.


Any questions about this library can be addressed to the cpp-netlib developers mailing list. Issues can be filed using Github at

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