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Get reminders to stand up, focus your eyes away from the screen, go for a walk, and more.
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Health is important. Santé reminds you to stand up, focus your eyes away from the screen, go for a walk, and more.

Getting Started

To run the project, clone it to your computer. Compile it and run from the command line.

git clone
javac sante/src/com/cppsea/sante/*
cd src
java com.cppsea.sante.TemporaryDriver


Create a new empty Java project called "sante." Navigate to your default Workspace folder and clone the repository.

git clone

Project Goals

See roadmap page.


Want to join the project? See our contributing guide.


  • Alejandro Millan
  • Andrew So
  • Anirban Manna
  • Arturo Pan
  • Ben You
  • Cesar Martinez
  • Christopher Leung
  • Claire Wong
  • Colby Le
  • George Lim
  • Hamza Parekh
  • Jeremy Duenas
  • Jeffrey McDonald
  • Jerry Fernandez
  • Jianchao Sun
  • John Escalona
  • Justin Guo
  • Justin Tok
  • Kiana Ziglari
  • Lisa Chen
  • Marisabel Chang
  • Matthew Tootoonchi
  • Maxim Ruzmaykin
  • Meetkumar Patel
  • Michael Tang
  • Pablo Rossi
  • Samuel Foster
  • Samuel John Belarmino
  • Steven Chan
  • Titichot Nuntapramote
  • William Balsells
  • Yudong Hu


Santé is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE.

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