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C++ Introductory Tour. Click here to take the tour:
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C++ Tour Logo

Build Status

Click Here to Take the Tour

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Build instruction


All dependencies are handled through yarn. Run yarn install to install them.


yarn serve - runs developement server on It watches your files and automatically rebuilds if anything changes.


yarn build builds production version with all optimizations. The resulting build will be in the dist/ directory, ready to be deployed.

Adding Lessons

Lessons live in the lessons/ folder. To add a new lesson create a new folder, following the format of X.X-name-here. The name will be used as the identifier, and the url slug to permalink to a lesson. The resulting folder should contain two files:

  • code.cpp, containing the code of the lesson.
  •, containing the text of the lesson. Advanced markdown & html available.

To make the lesson available in the application, add it to the lessons/lessons.ts file. If the development server is running, all changes will be reflected immediately.

Mission Statement

We strive to create a great way to easily get started with C++, no matter your level of experience. You can read our full mission statement at MISSION.


All contributions are welcome! We want to make the C++ tour a community effort, and would like to hear your feedback, regardless of your level of expertise.

Please read the CONTRIBUTING before submitting a pull-request.

Contact Us

You can find the C++ Tour team on the CppLang Slack (click here to join) in the #cpp-tour channel. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions.


The project is maintained by Arvid Gerstmann. It would, however, not be possible without the countless contributors. Thank you!

For the full list of contributors please read the CONTRIBUTORS.


All code is license under MIT, including the code in the lessons (under /lessons/**/*.cpp).

All the text content of the tour (found under /lessons/**/*.md) is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.

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