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C++ Tour Mission Statement

The goal of the C++ tour project is to create a new way of teaching C++. First and foremost we want to target those, who already have some experience in programming, but are new to C++ or return after a longer absence.

We want to guide through features of the language and standard library, showing pitfalls and best practices. The tour will be split into lessons. Each lesson is teaching a single concept or language feature and will be accompanied by an interactive example, demonstrating the concept and allowing for experimentation.

In the future, it's planned to add a wider variety of lessons, including, but not limited to:

  • Highlighting new language features
  • Beginner lessons, teaching beginners to program in C++

Which will add further value to the C++ tour, for both experienced C++ programmers and complete beginners.

The content will be hosted on Github, to allow for easy collaboration, changes and improvements, similar to the CppCoreGuidelines.

On behalf of the project team,