static code checker for C++
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cpplint - static code checker for C++

This project continues the work of cpplint, a C++ style checker following Google's C++ style guide. It provides cpplint as a PyPI package and adds a few features and fixes. It is maintained as a fork of google/styleguide in hopes that it can be merged in the future.

To install cpplint from PyPI, run:

$ pip install cpplint

Then run it with:

$ cpplint [OPTIONS] files

For full usage instructions, run:

$ cpplint --help


The modifications in this branch are minor fixes and cosmetic changes:

  • more default extensions
  • python 3 compatibility
  • customizable file extensions with the --extensions and --headers arguments
  • continuous integration on travis
  • support for recursive file discovery via the --recursive argument
  • support for excluding files via --exclude
  • JUnit XML output format
  • Overriding repository root auto-detection via --repository
  • Support #pragma once as an alternative to header include guards
  • Add quiet option to suppress non error-related output


To release a new version:

vi # increment the version
vi changelog.rst # log changes
git add changelog.rst
git commit -m "Releasing 0.0.6"
git tag 0.0.6
git push
git push --tags
python sdist register -r pypi
python sdist upload -r pypi

To incorporate google's changes:

git fetch google gh-pages
git checkout -b updates FETCH_HEAD
git rebase master
git push -u origin updates
# check travis
git push origin --delete updates

git rebase updates master
git branch -D updates
git push

Thanks to tkruse for putting cpplint on PyPI and maintaining the PyPI version for many years!