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cpplint - static code checker for C++

Cpplint is a command-line tool to check C/C++ files for style issues following Google's C++ style guide. Cpplint is developed and maintained by Google Inc. at google/styleguide

While Google maintains cpplint, Google is not (very) responsive to issues and pull requests, this fork aims to be (somewhat) more open to add fixes to cpplint to enable fixes, when those fixes make cpplint usable in wider contexts.


To install cpplint from PyPI, run:

$ pip install cpplint

Then run it with:

$ cpplint [OPTIONS] files

For full usage instructions, run:

$ cpplint --help


The modifications in this fork are minor fixes and cosmetic changes:

  • more default extensions
  • python 3 compatibility
  • customizable file extensions with the --extensions argument
  • continuous integration on travis
  • support for recursive file discovery via the --recursive argument
  • support for excluding files via --exclude
  • JUnit XML output format
  • Overriding repository root auto-detection via --repository
  • Support #pragma once as an alternative to header include guards


Thanks to Google Inc. for open-sourcing their in-house tool. Thanks to maintainers of the fork