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Slides and resources from CPPP 2019
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C++_modules_what_you_should_know-Gabriel_Dos_Reis Adding Gaby's presentation Sep 12, 2019
a_state_of_compile_time_regular_expressions-Hana_Dusikova A State of Compile Time Regular Expressions - Hana Dusíková Jun 30, 2019
adding_a_new_clang-tidy_check-Jeremy_Demeule Reformat READMEs Jun 22, 2019
elegance_style_epure_et_classe-Loic_Joly Fix Typo Sep 12, 2019
how_to_make_your_code_better_with_C++_algorithms-Mathieu_Ropert Adding Mathieu's presentation Aug 26, 2019
introduction-Joel_Falcou_&_Fred_Tingaud Add Introduction Jun 19, 2019
quickly_testing_legacy_code-Clare_Macrae Quickly Testing Legacy Code - Clare Macrae Jun 22, 2019
tools_to_ease_cross_platform_C++_development-Simon_Brand Add PDF of Sy's talk. Sep 5, 2019 Add Patricia's video Sep 27, 2019
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