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General Assignment Information

The following applies to all assignments unless stated otherwise in the corresponding specifications. Make sure you understand and adhere to all the requirements, as failing to do so will cost you points.


Submissions must be handed in fully, not in parts. Every submission must include the code for all parts of that submission, as well as a written report in PDF format (details will be given in the individual assignment instructions).

Assignments are submitted by uploading them to the server your group was assigned to. You should have already received an email with login instructions (basically use ssh, on Windows this means installing putty). On your server you will find a groupX/submissions/assignmentY folder in your home directory, with X being your group ID and Y being the assignment ID. To submit assignment Y, simply copy your submission into this folder. The folder is shared between all members of group X so submission is required/possible only once per group.


Deadlines are given in the individual assignment instructions. These deadlines are hard: you will no longer be able to change a submission folder after the deadline has passed. So please don't start uploading your submission five minutes before the deadline. In case you miss the submission deadline, you can submit later via email to The following point reductions apply:

  • Until 24h after deadline: -25%
  • Until 48h after deadline: -50%
  • Until 72h after deadline: -75%
  • Afterwards: -100%

You have to submit every assignment within one week after the deadline. If you don't, you will fail the course.


You are free to use all functionality provided by the Python standard library and numpy. However you are not allowed to use any other libraries unless stated otherwise in the individual assignment instructions. This also applies to library components, if instructed to use a library for functionality X you must not use it for anything but this functionality. That is to say you have to implement everything yourself unless instructed otherwise.


Do not copy code from other students or the web (unless instructed to do so). If we find out that you do, you will get 0 points.