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Software and firmware for the Karatelight 8/16 channel RGB LED Dimmer
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This repository contains firmware and Hardware design files for the Karatelight 8/16 channel RGB LED Dimmer.


karate_xc8.X and karate_v2.X contain the firmware for the device

  • both are MPLAB X projects. I used version 1.41 to work with them, but any newer version should work as well.
  • karate_xc8.X can be build with microchips XC8 compiler
  • karate_v2.X requires the MCC18 compiler
  • You might want to adjust the USB VID/PID when building this
  • The code is based on microchip examples, so for most part of it the microchip licence applies. Those files have a intact microchip header-
  • All other files are GPL v2. see gpl-2.0.txt
  • Most files are encoded iso8859-1, some might be utf-8

fsUSB_Bootloader contains a bootloader for the device. Its software from microchip, just slightly adjusted to the hardware (Fuses, Switch).


  • The Hardware is licensed CERN OHL version 1.2
  • Both the base-board and the extension-board are included
  • The files were created using Cadsoft Eagle 6.3.
  • Only the latest revision (v06b) of the board is in this repository. If you need the files for a previous version, please contact me.
  • The files and were used for board production
  • The folder stencil contains files used to create a stencil and stencil holder with a laser-cutter.
  • There is a BOM with links to reichelt, digikey and mouser article numbers. Prices are most likely outdated.


The device can be used with various software packages. Some of them are

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