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Usage: pwhois [opts] query

	pwhois utilizes the phpWhois project by Mark Jeftovic ( and primarily
		wraps that library in a cli which will give specific information from the query in a machine
		parsable form and can also cache lookups for a period of time.

		-h          This usage information
		-c   dir    Caches results in the given directory for the cache timeframe
		-cd  days   The number of days to cache results for (will not re-lookup), default: 14 days
		-cc  days   The number of days to keep cache results for.  Defaults to -cd * 10, ignored if <= 0

		-o          Comma separated list of fields to retrieve, defaults to all unless specified, possible values:
					   inetnum          Retrieves the network range responsible
					   cidr             Retrieves the CIDR registered range responsible
					   abuse-email      Retrieves the abuse contact email address
					   country          Retrieves the country

		-d          Sets php directive display_errors to on
		-dR         Dumps the raw phpWhois result object for each query to stdout
		-dr         Dumps the raw whois response for each query to stdout

		`pwhois -o cidr,abuse-email`
			> cidr: