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Codeless language modules for TextWrangler and BBEdit. It provides syntax highlighting and keyword completion
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DCodelessLanguageModule.plist is a simple syntax highlighter for the "D Programming Language" that can be used in either BBEdit or its free version, TextWrangler.

BBEdit: copy the plist to "~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Language Modules"
TextWrangler: copy the plist to "~/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Language Modules"

Then launch either app and goto "Preferences" -> "Languages" and then add the suffix mapping for the "D Programming Language" by setting the suffix to d (di too if you want)

-- BUG --
nested { for Token strings break highlighting. 
writeln(q{ foo(q{hello}); }); // will stop highlight at first }

Structs ending with q and no space before { will break highlighting
struct Fooq{ int x = 3; } // should be "struct Fooq { int x = 3; }" anyway
but writing code like that is bad taste so its a feature :)

These are dumb plists files so there will probably never be a fix.
*WORKAROUND: escape each nested } then remove escapes after final } is in place... 

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