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from django.db.models.signals import post_save
from django.dispatch import receiver
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from literacy_events.models import LiteracyEvent, Notification
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
@receiver(post_save, sender=LiteracyEvent, weak=False, dispatch_uid="literacy_event_notification")
def literacy_event_notifications(sender, **kwargs):
event = kwargs['instance']
for user in get_recipients(event):
n = Notification.objects.create(recipient=user, event=event)
log.debug("Created notification: {}".format(n))
def get_recipients(e):
if e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.LOVED_STORY:
return set(subject(e) + story_author(e) + followers(subject(e)))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.COMMENTED_ON_STORY:
return set(subject(e) + story_author(e) + story_visible(e.story, story_commenters(e)))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.FORKED_STORY:
return set(subject(e) + parent_story_author(e) + story_visible(e.story.parent, followers(subject(e))))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.PUBLISHED_STORY:
return set(subject(e) + if_first(e, followers(subject(e))))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.UNPUBLISHED_STORY:
return subject(e)
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.PUBLISHED_BOOK:
return set(subject(e) + followers(subject(e)))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.ADDED_STORY_TO_BOOK:
return set(subject(e) + book_owner(e) + followers(subject(e)))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.REMOVED_STORY_FROM_BOOK:
return subject(e)
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.FOLLOWED:
return set(subject(e) + if_first(e, object_user(e)))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.UNFOLLOWED:
return subject(e)
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.SIGNED_UP:
return subject(e)
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.CREATED_PROMPT:
return set(subject(e) + prompt_group_members(e))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.SUBMITTED_TO_PROMPT:
return set(subject(e) + prompt_group_leaders(e))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.UNSUBMITTED_FROM_PROMPT:
return set(subject(e) + prompt_group_leaders(e))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.STORY_READING:
return []
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.PUBLISHED_PROMPT_AS_BOOK:
return set(subject(e) + prompt_group_members(e))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.UNPUBLISHED_PROMPT_AS_BOOK:
return set(subject(e) + prompt_group_members(e))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.TAGGED_STORY_VERSION:
if e.story.shared:
return set(subject(e) + story_visible(e.story,
set(followers(subject(e)) + story_lovers(e) + story_commenters(e))))
return subject(e)
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.JOINED_LITERACY_GROUP:
return set(subject(e) + group_leaders(e))
elif e.event_type == LiteracyEvent.LEFT_LITERACY_GROUP:
return set(subject(e) + group_leaders(e))
log.debug("No notifications created for {}".format(e))
return []
def subject(e):
return [e.subject]
def story_author(e):
return [] if e.story and else []
def story_lovers(e):
return [profile.user for profile in e.story.loves.select_related('user')]
def story_commenters(e):
return [ for comment in e.story.comments.select_related('author')]
def parent_story_author(e):
if e.story and e.story.parent and
return []
return []
def book_owner(e):
return [] if else []
def object_user(e):
return [e.object_user] if e.object_user else []
def prompt_group_members(e):
return list(e.prompt.literacy_group.members.all()) if e.prompt else []
def prompt_group_leaders(e):
return list(e.prompt.literacy_group.leaders.all()) if e.prompt else []
def group_leaders(e):
return list(e.literacy_group.leaders.all()) if e.literacy_group else []
def followers(users):
return list(User.objects.filter(profile__following__user__in=users).distinct())
def story_visible(story, users):
"Returns only users to whom the story is visible"
# TODO This should be done using an Exists aggregation
return [u for u in users if story.visible_to_user(u)]
def if_first(e, users):
"Returns users only if e is the first occurrence of the event"
if LiteracyEvent.objects.similar(e).count() == 1:
return users
return []
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