A nix overlay containing a collection of node versions and associated tools
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This repository contains nix packages for various versions of javascript tools and associated libraries. It is indended for development on javascript projects where being precise about your tooling versioning is important. To see a complete list of available packages, take a look in pkgs/default.nix.


It is recommended to consume this package set as an overlay. To create the overlay, simply import the default module and pass it a set containing keys for the package names you want, and values which are the versions you want. For instance, to pull in purescript and a specific node and yarn version, you could use the following shell.nix:

  nodejsVersion ? "10.14.1",
  yarnVersion ? "1.12.3",
  purescriptVersion ? "0.12.1",
  nixjs ? fetchTarball "https://github.com/cprussin/nixjs/archive/0.0.2.tar.gz",
  nixpkgs ? <nixpkgs>

with import nixpkgs {
  overlays = [
    (import nixjs {
      nodejs = nodejsVersion;
      yarn = yarnVersion;
      purescript = purescriptVersion;

mkShell {
  buildInputs = [ nodejs yarn purescript ];


This repository is open to contributions! We welcome the following packages in this repository:

  • All versions of nodejs
  • Javascript ecosystem tools that are generally not installed via node package managers, such as the package managers themselves (yarn, pnpm, etc.)
  • Portions of tooling for languages that compile to javascript that aren't generally installed through node package managers (for instance, the purescript compiler)
  • Versions of system libraries necessary to support any of the above that aren't in nixpkgs or aren't reliable in nixpkgs

Things we would prefer not to have in this package set:

  • Node modules / bower components. There are better tools out there that do a more holistic job at solving nix packaging for these portions of the ecosystem, such as node2nix and bower2nix. This includes things like psc for purescript or bower itself, which are best installed through a node package manager.
  • Versions of system libraries that are available and supported in nixpkgs.