An unofficial homepage for DCU's CPSSD course.
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This is an unoffical hub for CPSSD, because the real website is very static, full of typos, inaccessible to any of us, and just generally dense and formal.


If you want to run the website locally make sure you have Hugo installed and run

hugo server


Feel free to submit pull requests, make issues, and edit anything and everything.

Anybody can add a post to the blog. Just create a new file in content/blog/, probably prefix it with a year if its a recurring event or something. You can just copy the definition at the top from another file.

If you are creating a top level file, make sure to add type: 'root-page' if you want it to be in the menu

Editing your info in /students

There is a file data/students.yaml containing all the links to your sites. If you want to create another column you can do so in themes/cpssd/layouts/shortcodes/student-table.html, but probably only do it if there are a lot of people on some platform (say Twitter is no longer cool and everybody switches to MySpace)


The website is automatically published to gh-pages by CircleCI, the branch should not be edited by hand. To prevent Github complaining about CNAME file in forks, the file is automatically added before CircleCI commits to gh-pages.