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stow - Backend Spec

Backends are responsible for storage, retrieval and invalidation. Stow ships with a memory backend for testing and a Redis backend for production use. If you wish to create another backend please follow this spec.

Backend (Class)

Backends are constructor functions with prototypes implementing ALL the required caching methods. Your backend module should export a single 'class'.

function MyBackend (options) {
  options = options || {};
  // ...

// Prototype methods ...

module.exports = MyBackend.


The constructor accepts an options hash. All backends should support a default ttl option. The rest of the options will depend on the details of the backend and what datasources it interfaces with.

Required Methods

The stow Cache class will make calls to you backend. The absolute bare minimum implemention must include the following methods:

MyBackend.prototype.set = function (options, cb)

Should save items to the cache.


  • key: The key used identify the cached item.
  • data: The data to cache. Should support all primative types as well as Arrays and Objects. The recommended storage technique is to serialize with hydration.
  • ttl: Optional. The number of seconds until the cached item should expire.
  • tags: Optional. A flattened array of tags to associate with the cached item.

MyBackend.prototype.get = function (key, cb)

MyBackend.prototype.invalidate = function (tags, cb)

MyBackend.prototype.clear = function (pattern, cb)


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