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""" by Chris Swan 9 Aug 2012
GPIO Keyboard driver for Raspberry Pi for use with 80s 5 switch joysticks
*** This did not work with AdvMAME - failed attempt - may be useful for another project
based on python-uinput/examples/ by tuomasjjrasanen
requires uinput kernel module (sudo modprobe uinput)
requires python-uinput (git clone
requires (from
for detailed usage see
import uinput
import time
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
GPIO.setup(11, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.setup(13, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.setup(15, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.setup(16, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.setup(7, GPIO.IN)
events = (uinput.KEY_UP, uinput.KEY_DOWN, uinput.KEY_LEFT, uinput.KEY_RIGHT, uinput.KEY_LEFTCTRL)
device = uinput.Device(events)
fire = False
up = False
down = False
left = False
right = False
while True:
if (not fire) and (not GPIO.input(7)): # Fire button pressed
fire = True
device.emit(uinput.KEY_LEFTCTRL, 1) # Press Left Ctrl key
if fire and GPIO.input(7): # Fire button released
fire = False
device.emit(uinput.KEY_LEFTCTRL, 0) # Release Left Ctrl key
if (not up) and (not GPIO.input(11)): # Up button pressed
up = True
device.emit(uinput.KEY_UP, 1) # Press Up key
if up and GPIO.input(11): # Up button released
up = False
device.emit(uinput.KEY_UP, 0) # Release Up key
if (not down) and (not GPIO.input(13)): # Down button pressed
down = True
device.emit(uinput.KEY_DOWN, 1) # Press Down key
if down and GPIO.input(13): # Down button released
down = False
device.emit(uinput.KEY_DOWN, 0) # Release Down key
if (not left) and (not GPIO.input(15)): # Left button pressed
left = True
device.emit(uinput.KEY_LEFT, 1) # Press Left key
if left and GPIO.input(15): # Left button released
left = False
device.emit(uinput.KEY_LEFT, 0) # Release Left key
if (not right) and (not GPIO.input(16)): # Right button pressed
right = True
device.emit(uinput.KEY_RIGHT, 1) # Press Right key
if right and GPIO.input(16): # Right button released
right = False
device.emit(uinput.KEY_RIGHT, 0) # Release Right key