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CPSwarm Workbench

The CPSwarm Workbench is a collection of tools developed as part of the CPSwarm project. The workbench is described here.


Component Documentation Distributions Source Repos
Modelling Tool + Modelling Library website, video releases modelio projects
Optimisation Tool readme - frevo-next
Gazebo Simulation Manager

readme, wiki

snapshots, docker images GazeboSimulationManager
Stage Simulation Manager readme, wiki snapshots, docker images StageSimulationManager
Simulation and Optimisation Orchestrator readme, wiki snapshots SimulationOrchestrator
Code Generator readme snapshots code-generator
Deployment Tool readme, wiki, video snapshots, docker images (ui, manager, agent) deployment-tool,
Monitoring and Command Tool wiki, video - monitoring-tool,
Launcher readme snapshots launcher
Abstraction Library Hardware Functions: readme (TBC)
Sensing & Actuation: readme (TBC)
- hardware_functions, sensing_actuation
Swarm Library Complex Behaviors: readme
Swarm Behaviors: readme, wiki
Swarm Functions: readme, wiki
CPSwarm Messages: readme, wiki
Swarm Behaviors:
ROS package
Swarm Functions:
ROS package
CPSwarm Messages:
ROS package
Complex Behaviors,
Swarm Behaviors,
Swarm Functions,
CPSwarm Messages
Communication Library readme, wiki snapshots swarmio


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