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Electrum-CPU 3.3.8

@minkcrypto minkcrypto released this
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Second release of Electrum-CPU with Android support!


  • Fixed server connection issue by @y-chan
  • Fixed LWMA bug


Install python3.6 / python 3.7 and do

$ wget
$ python3 -m pip install --user Electrum-CPU-3.3.8.tar.gz[fast]

this will install Electrum-CPU on your local computer.

Windows Users:

Download electrum-cpu-setup.exe and install Electrum-CPU app on your local computer.

MacOS Users:

Download electrum-cpu-3.3.8.dmg and install Electrum-CPU app on your local computer.

Android mobile wallet:

Download and install ElectrumCPU-, app will be published on Play Store soon.

It may take some time to initialize the wallet, so please be patient!

After installation:

Please generate your wallet address format as legacy, not segwit.

Also fiat rate conversion is work in progress, so do not enable them ( it may show you the bitcoin's rate )

You may be able to use ledger / trezor with Electrum-CPU but it is not fully tested.


41457fc641136e0d4230dc95ee08fc1ba1aa2ade250b82a8e7a2dc6adbb7aa7f  ElectrumCPU-
8464fa5baad9c0819e7bba5d09442fe613d7061f1709b17eb26fced71375fada  electrum-cpu-3.3.8.dmg
2a97e481f688e98ddc46bd09d90807d8c0a629b8874389a351b14abb2b4f2752  electrum-cpu-3.3.8-portable.exe
fe1b54a7e3f9af092b8578c99f372e3efab65165653d1dbd27f8b93451499867  electrum-cpu-3.3.8-setup.exe
48c4b3ce01bc99e2729f148c39f7f94c47d8a923c6db41f238966c6d55e5c640  Electrum-CPU-3.3.8.tar.gz
d4017ec466b12a26c4b039fbfbee7674c17b674e50ace6f50fd906bc84e36211  electrum-cpu-3.3.8-x86_64.AppImage