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Listens for dockerhub webhook calls
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DockerHub Webhook Listener

This is just a simple HTTP server setup to listen for and handle DockerHub webhook calls.

A simple Logger handler and a slightly more complex Mailgun handler are included for reference in creating handlers.


Add a config file using -config-file This file should be in INI format and is intended for use with handlers Register a handler in handler.go You an use "Logger" as a reference to how to set this up.

cd hub-listener
go build
./hub-listener -listen -config-file config.ini

You should use SSL. To do so ad a tls section to your config file, with a cert and a key file

You should also use authentication. Right now DockerHub doesn't really support this, but you can use an api key as a query param. To handle this, you need to add an apikeys section to the config file along with a list of key's