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This is an example Jenkins Pipeline Script that runs sources through the SonarQube Scanner
The sources get downloaded from an ISPW assignment
String ispwStream = 'FTSDEMO' // ISPW stream name (can be passed as parameter from an ISPW webhook call)
String ispwApplication = 'RXN3' // ISPW application name (can be passed as parameter from an ISPW webhook call)
String ispwAssignmentId = 'RXN3000020' // Use ID of an open ISPW assignment (can be passed as a parameter from an ISPW webhook call)
String ispwLevel = 'DEV1' // ISPW Life Cycle Level to download from
String ispwSourceFolder = "MF_Source" // Name of folder, the downloaded sources will end up in (is fixed by ISPW plugin)
String hciConnectionId = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' // Defined via Manage Jenkins / Configure System / Compuware COnfigurations / Host connections
// Use Syntax Generater for Checkout / ISPW / HCI Connection to determine the internal ID
String hostCredentialsToken = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' // Host userid and password credentials ID as defined in Manage Credentials
// Set parameters required by Sonar scanner
String sqScannerName = "scanner" // Use the name of the Sonar Scanner installation as defined in Manage Jenkins / Global Tool Configuration / SonarQube Scanner
String sqServerName = "localhost" // Use the name of the SonarQube server defined in Manage Jenkins / Configure Systems / SonarQube server section
String sonarProjectName = "RNU_Test" // Use name of SonarQube project (if not existing, a new one will be created by SonarQube)
String sonarSourcesPath = ispwApplication + '/' + ispwSourceFolder // Path in workpspace to sources downloaded from ISPW
String sonarSourceSuffixes = 'cbl' // Suffix for COBOL program files
String sonarCopySuffixes = 'cpy' // Suffix for COBOL copybook files
// Download sources from ISPW, using repository filter criteria
stage('Download Sources from ISPW Repository')
checkout changelog: false,
poll: false,
scm: [$class: 'IspwConfiguration',
componentType: 'COB, COPY',
connectionId: hciConnectionId,
credentialsId: hostCredentialsToken,
folderName: '',
ispwDownloadAll: true,
levelOption: '0', // 0 - Selected level only, 1 - First found in level and above
serverApplication: ispwApplication,
serverConfig: '',
serverLevel: ispwLevel,
serverStream: ispwStream,
targetFolder: '']
This stage pushes the Source Code into SonarQube scanner and then checks the status of the SonarQube Quality Gate.
stage("Check SonarQube Quality Gate")
// Retrieve the root folder location of the SonarQube Scanner
def scannerHome = tool sqScannerName
// Setup SonarQube environment
// Build string with parameters to be passed to the Sonar scanner
String sqScannerProperties = "-Dsonar.projectKey=${sonarProjectName} " +
"-Dsonar.projectName=${sonarProjectName} " +
"-Dsonar.projectVersion=1.0 " +
"-Dsonar.sources=${sonarSourcesPath} " +
"-Dsonar.cobol.copy.directories=${sonarSourcesPath} " +
"-Dsonar.cobol.file.suffixes=${sonarSourceSuffixes} " +
"-Dsonar.cobol.copy.suffixes=${sonarCopySuffixes} " +
bat "${scannerHome}/bin/sonar-scanner " + sqScannerProperties
// Wait up to 2 minutes, for the results of the SonarQube Quality Gate
timeout(time: 2, unit: 'MINUTES')
// Wait for webhook call back from SonarQube. SonarQube webhook for callback to Jenkins must be configured on the SonarQube server.
def qualityGate = waitForQualityGate()
// Evaluate the status of the Quality Gate and set reslut state of Jenkins job accordingly
if (qualityGate.status == 'OK')
currentBuild.result = 'SUCCESS'
currentBuild.result = 'FAILURE'
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