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-<h1>Another Dirty Scheme Interpreter</h1>
- <p><em>"We were actually trying to build something complicated and
-discovered, serendipitously, that we had accidentally designed
-something that met all our goals but was much simpler than we
-had intended....we realized that the lambda calculus--a small,
-simple formalism--could serve as the core of a powerful and
-expressive programming language." -- Sussman and Steele</em></p>
-<p>Writing a Scheme interpreter is easy, and more importantly,
-it is fun.</p>
-<h2>Features currently included:</h2>
-<li>lambda, of course</li>
-<li>integer(32 bit), floating-point numbers, string, symbol, boolean,
-character, pair, vector</li>
-<li>basic number/mathematical functions</li>
-<li>basic input/output support</li>
-<li>basic string/character procedures</li>
-<li>vector procedures in R5RS</li>
-<li>most list procedures in MIT Scheme</li>
-<li>cond, if, let, begin, and, or, define, set!, apply, eval...</li>
-<li>mark-sweep garbage collector</li>
-<li>You should be able to use this Scheme interpreter to run all
-codes in <em>The Little Schemer</em>.</li>
-<p><strong>The only missing feature is macro</strong></p>
-<p>Implementation goal is R5RS compatible. If you already know Scheme, just start
-typing code in the REPL.
-Or you can read the R5RS
-<a href="">here</a></p>
-<h2>Todo list:</h2>
-<li>rename files, remove "sc" prefix <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add gc support <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add cache for integer objects <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add cache for character objects <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add floating point support <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add var-arg support <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>improve logger <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>modify equal? eq? eqv? <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add / primitive procedure <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add math primitive functions <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add character procedures <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add gcd, lcm procedures <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add (runtime) procedure <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add more list procedures <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add string functions <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add (display) procedure <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>improve io support <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>add vector support <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>rewrite environment using rbtree(variable lookup is too slow) <strong>[DONE] ~2x speedup</strong></li>
-<li>call/cc <strong>[DONE]</strong></li>
-<li>macro support</li>
-<p>Thanks for <em>Peter Michaux's</em> excellent
-<a href="">introduction series.</a></p>

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