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@@ -25,16 +25,13 @@ character, pair, vector
+ var-arg
+ mark-sweep garbage collector
+ continuation
-+ You should be able to use this Scheme interpreter to run all
-codes in *The Little Schemer*.
-**The only missing feature is macro**
++ macro(define-macro)
++ promise(delay, force)
-Implementation goal is R5RS compatible. If you already know Scheme, just start
-typing code in the REPL.
-Or you can read the R5RS
+If you already know Scheme, just start typing code in the REPL.
+Or you can read the R5RS.
Todo list:
@@ -59,7 +56,9 @@ Todo list:
+ add vector support **[DONE]**
+ rewrite environment using rbtree(variable lookup is too slow) **[DONE] ~2x speedup**
+ call/cc **[DONE]**
-+ macro support
++ macro support **[DONE]**
++ command line options
++ make install
Thanks for *Peter Michaux's* excellent
[introduction series.](
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