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Autonomous Federation for Edge Devices
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Federation for Edge Devices

1. Hardware & Software Requirement

The engine can run on any device that is equipped with JRE 8.

2. Setup

  • On root node and leaf processing nodes:
    • Install jdk 8 (recommend open jdk 8):
       sudo apt-get update
       sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk
    • Upload file Fed4Edge.jar from folder bin to devices.

3. Run Experiment


  • A query to query data from root node.

  • For each nodes which have childs is a leaf processing nodes:

    • Create a text file contain the IP list of the childs of that node with its port on separate lines. Format: {ip}:{port} E.g.
    • Create a text file contain a CONSTRUCT query that will query data from its child nodes, to get result in N-triples
  • For the nodes which its child node is streamer nodes:

    • Create a text file contain the list of Websocket URI of streamer nodes on separate lines.


  java -jar Fed4Edge.jar port output_file_name node_type uri_list query_file_name
  • Arguments:
    • port: port for current node,
    • output_file_name: name for the output file.
    • node_type: root for root node and leaf for leaf nodes.
    • uri_list: file name of list uri.
    • query_file_name: file name of the construct query, leave it empty if the node have childs is a streamer nodes.
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