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Community Projects

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This page lists known community projects related to Clinical Quality Language. If you have a community project, feel free to add it here!

The projects are divided into two broad categories, tooling and content development:

  • Tooling: Projects related to implementation of CQF projects (such as translators, engines, publication tooling, etc)
  • Content: Projects that are using CQF-related standards to build content


CQL-to-ELM Translator and Formatter

JavaScript Execution Engine

CQL Translation Service

Java Execution Engine

CQL-based Capabilities

CQL Execution Service

Atom Plugin

VS Code Plugin

CDS Connect

CQL Testing

CQL Server-side Functionality

CQL Tooling


The projects listed here provide a catalog of known CQF-related content development projects. The projects listed here are all independently funded and managed.

CQF Common

  • CQF Common - Common CQF Assets (FHIRHelpers, FHIR-ModelInfo, etc)

Opioid Prescribing Guideline

Pain Management Summary

Lung Cancer Screening

CDS for Chronic Pain Management

WHO SMART Guidelines

Oregon Health Sciences University Hypertension Management