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Corpus Query Lingua Franca

This repository hosts the CQLF Ontology, which describes the expressive power of corpus query languages (CQLs) supported by conformance statements in the form of parameterised query expressions.

Based on the draft international standard ISO/DIS 24623-2:2020 (currently at DIS ballot stage), the ontology will be created, updated and extended in a community process driven together by CQL developers and end users. This process is moderated by the GitHub organisation CQLF Ontology.

The repository contains the following files:

  • CQLF-2.owl is the master version of the community ontology. An initial ontology is currently in development and will be used to seed the community process later on.
  • templates/CQLF-2.owl is an RDF/XML serialisation of the normative part of ISO/DIS 24623-2:2020.
  • examples/CQLF-2.owl is a small illustrative example ontology, including the examples described in Annex A of the draft international standard.

The ontology uses the following namespace identifier: We are grateful to the CLARIN project for this contribution.

For further information about CQLF-2, please consult the LREC 2020 paper:

Evert, Stefan; Harlamov, Oleg; Heinrich, Philipp; Banski, Piotr (2020). Corpus Query Lingua Franca part II: Ontology. In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2020), pages 3346--3352, Marseille, France.