Teamscale Connector for SAP Netweaver® AS ABAP®
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Teamscale Connector for SAP Netweaver® AS ABAP® v1812

This archive contains the transport files for the Teamscale Connector for SAP Netweaver® AS ABAP®. This is required for the connection of Teamscale to a SAP Netweaver AS ABAP instance to allow analysis of ABAP code, tests and/or custom code usage within Teamscale.

The Teamscale Connector for SAP Netweaver® AS ABAP® is compatible with SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.0 EHP2 and later versions. It should work on earlier versions, but this has not been tested.


To get the connector, download the release Zip archive.

Version Info

Current release: Version 1812, originally provided for Teamscale v4.7.2.
Release date: 2018-12-21


The archive comprises the following transports (in the transports folder):

CQRK900052 (files K900052.CQR / R900052.CQR)
This is the main transport, objects are in /CQSE/ namespace and within package /CQSE/TEAMSCALE_CONNECTOR and its subpackages.
Always required, should be transported first.

CQRK900046 (files K900046.CQR / R900046.CQR)
This includes a default role (/CQSE/TEAMSCALE_RFC) for RFC access from Teamscale server to the Teamscale Connector for SAP Netweaver ABAP. This role can be assigned to technical user accounts which should be used by Teamscale server.
Optional, alternatively an appropriate role can be defined manually.


For transport, place the K* files in the 'cofiles' and the R* files in the 'data' directories within the transdir of your host machine (typically /usr/sap/trans or C:\usr\sap\trans) and import the transport with transaction STMS. Enable special conditions overwrite originals and ignore invalid component version (if applicable - on some SAP Netweaver® systems this option is not available).

For further details see Teamscale user guide, chapter 6.


© 2018 CQSE GmbH
Usage of this software and all its components is restricted to a valid license for Teamscale (enterprise edition).