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C/C++ language server supporting multi-million line code base, powered by libclang. Emacs, Vim, VSCode, and others with language server protocol support. Cross references, completion, diagnostics, semantic highlighting and more
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HighCommander4 and jacobdufault Include symbol role information in semantic highlighting (fixes #787)
This allows clients to e.g. color references differently from
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cquery is a highly-scalable, low-latency language server for C/C++/Objective-C. It is tested and designed for large code bases like Chromium. cquery provides accurate and fast semantic analysis without interrupting workflow.


cquery implements almost the entire language server protocol and provides some extra features to boot:

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cquery is able to respond to queries quickly because it caches a huge amount of information. When a request comes in, cquery just looks it up in the cache without running many computations. As a result, there's a large memory overhead. For example, a full index of Chrome will take about 10gb of memory. If you exclude v8, webkit, and third_party, it goes down to about 6.5gb.



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