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Project HashClash - MD5 & SHA-1 cryptanalytic toolbox

C/C++ CI

Feedback & pingback appreciated!


  • C++11 compiler (e.g. g++)

  • make

  • autoconf & automake & libtool

    sudo apt-get install autoconf automake libtool

  • zlib & bzip2 libraries

    sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev

  • Optional: CUDA

Building (automatic)

  • Run script


Building (manual)

See details

  • local boost C++ libraries (preferable version 1.57.0)


    Override default boost version 1.57.0 and/or installation directory as follows:

    BOOST_VERSION=1.65.1 BOOST_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/boost/boost-1.65.1 ./

  • Build configure script

    autoreconf --install

  • Run configure (with boost installed in $(pwd)/boost-VERSION by

    ./configure --with-boost=$(pwd)/boost-1.57.0 [--without-cuda|--with-cuda=/usr/local/cuda-X.X]

  • Build programs

    make [-j 4]

Create your own chosen-prefix collisions

  • Create temporary working directory (in top directory)

    mkdir cpc_workdir

    cd cpc_workdir

  • Run script

    ../scripts/ <prefix.filename1> <prefix.filename2>

Create you own identical-prefix collision

  • Create temporary working directory

    mkdir ipc_workdir

    cd ipc_workdir

  • Run script

    echo -n "TEST" > prefix.txt

    ../scripts/ prefix.txt

    Note: the prefix file is expected to be a multiple of 64 bytes and optionally plus a small multiple of 4 bytes. These last bytes will be used as forced message words in steps of 4 bytes inside the first near-collision block. Any remaining 1, 2 or 3 bytes of the prefix file are ignored.

    Note: the first time the script is run it will be slower as it needs to create the 'upper' differential path set for the first time.

  • Example output:

$ xxd collision1.bin
0000000: 5445 5354 1789 6de2 c568 339d 8bbf 6269
0000010: 563a c4ab 2fba 7aba 6ec7 e182 8566 8883  V:../.z.n....f..
0000020: b0f2 d716 17d5 8f97 b244 b9ca dcaa af93  .........D......
0000030: 3a33 4552 a9fd 023b 7012 7e5c d644 9646  :3ER...;p.~\.D.F
0000040: 723e 737a 6c3a 66e5 5d51 8e7c 7bc2 ec4f  r>szl:f.]Q.|{..O
0000050: 95a2 349f 0f4b 2540 cbe6 5644 d113 104b  ..4..K%@..VD...K
0000060: 5c39 898d f19a f9e9 e2aa bbad e191 d2d3  \9..............
0000070: a25d 4df0 9058 a873 4ee8 9dc9 47a5 281c  .]M..X.sN...G.(.
  • Make your own attack

    Inside there are three example identical-prefix collision attacks, selected by N=1, 2 or 3. You can add your own choice of message word differences here and see if you can make own collision attack!