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@cr-marcstevens cr-marcstevens released this Mar 27, 2017

Merge pull request #23 from cr-marcstevens/bigendian

* Protect against outside definitions of SHA1DC_BIGENDIAN, one can fo…
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@cr-marcstevens cr-marcstevens released this Mar 5, 2017

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@cr-marcstevens cr-marcstevens released this Mar 4, 2017

This is a large cleanup version:

  • removed unused recompression functions and uses switch instead of a lookup table
  • non-api functions are now static and not exported anymore
  • compiles in c90 standard
  • removed SIMD for now:
    this was still WIP and still missed runtime selection code.
    Work on this has been moved to simd branch
  • Makefile rewrite:
    • Added install target
    • Support for libtool-less systems

It is still marked as development for now, as naming might still change.

Thanks to all who have contributed!

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