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- To start over or completely uninstall, rm -rf /overlay/* and
reboot or reflash OpenWRT.
+ - /etc/piratebox.common has the global config on top. If you
+ decide to change the IP address or the ESSID, be sure to
+ activate it with the "setup" command as described below.
+ - Central tool for managing PirateBox is the init script
+ /etc/init.d/piratebox. It support the following commands:
+ - "setup" activates current USB and network configuration as
+ described in /etc/piratebox.common. Only required during
+ initial installation or after config changes.
+ - "init" mounts USB drive, and sets up swap and ext3 image
+ therein (for the huge python installation).
+ - "update" downloads the latest PirateBox files from David
+ Darts' website to USB disk.
+ - "nodns" disables local DNS redirection through dnsmasq
+ which is required for local maintenance work.
+ - "start" and "stop" the PirateBox service, of course. The
+ former also automatically calls "init" and "update" when
+ it detects an un-PirateBox-ified USB disk.
- The PirateBox project:

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