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  1. A decently powerful router with USB2.0 port which is supported by the open router firmware OpenWRT (see their Table of supported hardware). Minimum requirements are a 125 MHz CPU, 16 MByte RAM, and 4 MByte flash, but I recommend 250 MHz CPU (the more, the better), 32 MByte RAM, and 8 MByte flash. Following models meet or exceed the recommendation and should work out of the box:
TD-Link TL-WR1043ND (ar71xx, cheap!)
D-Link DIR-825 (ar71xx, white, fast!)
Linksys WRT160NL (ar71xx)
Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH (ar71xx, hardwired antennas)
Asus WL-500g Premium (brcm47xx, white, discontinued)

125 MHz systems work, but HTTP upload speed drops dramatically to about 100 KByte/s. 400 MHz give you about 500 KByte/s with the droopy server software currently used. 1. An external USB flash or disk drive which must be USB Mass Storage compatible (almost all modern USB drives are) and formattet with FAT32. Keep in mind that some routers are unable to provide sufficient USB power to spin-up HD disk drives (see Router support). USB flash drives should work fine in any case. 1. Two ethernet cables

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