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sparklines for your shell -- a Python implementation

Forked from https://github.com/holman/spark who did the original shell-script implementation. For some inspiration on what to do with spork, I suggest you see his Wiki.

I was dissatisfied with several aspects of holman's version, so here is another cr re-invention of the wheel, and it improves on the following points:

  • Speed. We're talking about a factor of 10 or more.
  • Full support for floating point values (in Python format).
  • Deterministic behavior. No more value skipping, or weird bucketing behavior with small lists.
  • Argument handling. Who needs CSV? We want whitespace!
  • Pipe support by reading from stdin.
  • Re-usability via Python class.


spork is a python script, so make sure it's executable (chmod +x) and drop it somewhere and make sure the dirctory is added to your $PATH.


Just run spork and pass it a whitespace-delimited list of numbers:

spork 0 30 55 80 33 150

Calling spork without arguments reads values from stdin. Invoke help with spark -h.