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Releases: cr08/OBS-Recording-Renamer


20 Oct 16:22
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  • OBS v29.0.0 is the minimum supported version now to use the obs_frontend_get_last_recording and obs_frontend_get_last_replay functions introducted in v29 to grab the recording/replay filename direct from OBS instead of checking with the host filesystem. Overall this simplifies much of the filename/renaming code.
    • Sub-folders are now supported
    • Recording folder setting option now removed and no longer needed to be input by the user


20 Oct 16:27
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  • Fixed filename formatting. Code was previously written by accident to include the game name twice and not include the stream title. This is corrected and should follow the example shown at the top of this README.
  • Basic functionality complete with the Twitch game name/stream title source to start with
    • Twitch info polling is provided through - No keys or or special credentials required, just your channel name
  • Old window title code commented out for now. This needs a more significant overhaul for the functionality I want to implement
  • Timer code commented out - With only the Twitch mode active, we'll trigger the rename process at the time of the stopped recording instead of waiting for the timer loop to cycle. Saves on extra log spam and a negligible amount of extra processing
  • File extension code streamlined. We now poll the extension of the recordings automatically and maintain it after renaming.