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What's UnderFucking?

The UnderFucking project is a web application that implements a series of vulnerabilities and odd behaviors, while at the same time mimicking a real website as much as possible.

Unlike other similar projects, UnderFucking can generate a completely new random website on each invocation. It's also possible to imitate different web servers and technologies.

Its purpose is to test web application security scanners, by feeding them a random but realistic website with a complex layout.

Underfucking is written entirely in Python using the Django framework.

What vulnerabilities are implemented?

Currently, it only has these features:

  • Admin site, with an error when you try to access: /admin
  • Directory listing: /home/dir_listing/
  • Random page generation: /home/links
  • A page with many links, to test spiders: /home/many_links/
  • User login page, without any functionality: /users
  • Random 'Server:' field for HTTP response.

However we plan to add many more vulnerabilities and odd behaviors in the near future, stay tuned!

How to run it?

All dependencies are bundled within the UnderFucking project itself, so you don't need to install anything.

To run UnderFucking, you must type in your shell:

python underfucking.py

Now you can connect to the web by pointing your browser to:

It's also possible to deploy it as any other Django web application if you want to.