A Celery like task manager that distributes Asyncio coroutines
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aiotasks: A Celery like task manager that distributes Asyncio coroutines

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https://travis-ci.org/cr0hn/aiotasks.svg?branch=master Documentation Status
Project site https://github.com/cr0hn/aiotasks
Issues https://github.com/cr0hn/aiotasks/issues/
Documentation http://aiotasks.readthedocs.io
Author Daniel Garcia (cr0hn) - @ggdaniel
Latest Version 1.0.0-alpha
Python versions 3.5 or above

What's aiotasks

aiotasks is an asynchronous & distributed task/jobs queue, implemented as coroutines and based on Python asyncio framework.

Based on the Celery Task Queue ideas, but distributing coroutines and focusing on performance, non-blocking, & event-driven concepts.

aiotasks does not pull and does not actively wait for incoming jobs. Instead it uses asyncio framework to suspend the execution until any new data is received by a new broker notification.


You can find documentation at: https://aiotasks.readthedocs.org/


aiotasks is released under BSD license.


Contributors are welcome. You can find a list of TODO tasks in the TODO.md at the project file.

All contributors will be added to the CONTRIBUTORS.md file.

Thanks in advance if you're planning to contribute to the project! :)