OpenVAS2Report: A set of tools to manager OpenVAS XML report files.
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Looking for help

Currently I haven't time to maintain this project. Help to improve / fix error are welcome :)



OpenVAS XML report to human-friendly converter

Documentation HTML [EN]:
Python version:Python 3

What's OpenVAS2Report?

The idea is very simple:

# Take an OpenVAS report, in it horrible XML format. # Convert it into an beautiful Excel, ready to give to your boss.


I'm security auditor and I really hate to pass OpenVAS XML report into to and Excel document. This is a work for a monkey, not for a human! (Yes: security auditors are humans too. I know, I know. It's incredible)

So I started to develop this project and I thought share it for help other auditors that also hate make a monkey's work.

OpenVAS to in two words

This package are composed by 2 tools:

  • openvas_to_document: This is the main program. You can use it to generate the Excel file.
  • openvas_cutter: This is a facility for filter and crop some information from OpenVAS XML report.
  • as a library: Also, you can use the tool as a library and import them it in your own code. It has BSD license, Feel free to use!

A picture is worth a 1000 words From XML. Using openvas_to_document you can obtain this Excel file:



I'm have not enough time, but in a future, I'll write the module to export the results in a Word.

Bugs and errors

If you find some bugs, please, open a ticket using github issues. And, If you send me a patch I'll be very happy :)

And if you want to help me... A beer may be a great idea :)