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Balda - Russian famous word game - written with React Native and MobX


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U-Balda Game

It's a simple pet project to learn more about React, React Native, and MobX. It's an attempt to implement a classic Russian word game "Balda".

The project is developed with the great Expo toolkit.

How it looks like

Static screenshots


How to run it

Clone this repo, install dependencies, run it.

Install dependencies

You need node, yarn or npm (whichever you prefer) on your development machine, and Expo app installed to your phone (to run it on a real device over the local network, and play with the code if you want).

To install dependencies you need to run:

yarn install

Run it

To run this app on your machine (and then using an emulator or real device) simply call this command:

yarn start

It will open a browser with log console and visible QR code. Take your phone (with Expo app installed), open camera app, put QR in frame and it will prompt if you want to open it in Expo app.

If you want to use Expo in development and write your own apps, please, read more about Expo here, and about its installation here.


  • users should be able to pick (or download?) different vocabularies, different language
  • lookup words (thesaurus or via Internet?)
  • change "Game over" screen: users want to observe the game log
  • multiplayer (over Internet, over Bluetooth?!)
  • add difficulty level (how "A.I." is limited in words search)
  • update "A.I." algorithm, so it can search for words with the new letter in the middle
  • add graphics (icons, internal screens graphics, etc.)

Vocabulary and references

I used Russian vocabulary (with usage frequency data) from this page. During the implementation process I also found other resources, which you can find interesting:


Balda - Russian famous word game - written with React Native and MobX








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