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Sync directories using rsync and BitBar!
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BitBar Sync

Script for syncing a directory with a remote server that utilizes BitBar to display shared files. See it in action Originally created to handle grabbing screenshots and sharing them with others.


In order to get notifications you'll need to install terminal-notifier.

First, clone or copy the repository contents to your computer.

Second, copy .example.config.sync.yml into the plugin directory as .config.sync.yml

cp .example.config.sync.yml plugin/.config.sync.yml

Third, open the file in your favorite text editor and define the configuration variables.

Fouth, copy the contents of the plugin directory to your BitBar plugin folder. Alternatively, you can define a symbolic link.

ln -s ~/Repos/bitbar-sync/plugin/* .
ln -s ~/Repos/bitbar-sync/plugin/.config.sync.yml .

You can modify the name of sync.10m.rb to indicate how often you would like BitBar to run it.

Rsync Setup

In order to setup rsync you'll need to make sure you have an SSH key and configuration setup on your Mac.


In ~/.ssh/config

  User deployer
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/deployer_rsa

The private key for this account is stored in ~/.ssh/deployer_rsa


You can use a task runner such as Alfred to trigger the script with the capture argument to initiate a screen capture.

Alternatively, you can select the capture option from BitBar. Once the screenshot has been captured, the sync event will be triggered and the URL will be copied to your clipboard.

You can also add any files you want to your SCREENSHOT_DIRECTORY and use the Sync Directory option to rsync the files.


Rsync is being used with the --delete flag so files that are deleted should be deleted from the remote server. It has also been instructed to --exlude index.html so you can block the directory root on your server.


  • Sara Bine for the initial bash script that inspired this.


I don't write a lot of Ruby and BitBar is limited in that it's difficult to bring in external libraries. Contributions are welcome!

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