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Code Repo for my talk on Singular Value Decomposition and PCA

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Facial Recognition Example

This example requires that you have the imager package installed via install.packages("imager").

To run the face example you will need to supply your own training and test set. Put these images in the training_set and test_set folder.

For training and test set images, I recommend the Yale Face Database:

How to use with Yale Faces

This repo does not contain the images used in the slides. I recommend the Yale Face Database.

Clone the Repository

git clone

Download Yale Face Database

You can download the Yale Face Database here:

Extract Images Into training_set

The Yale Face Database contains 165 GIF images of 15 subjects. The images do not have the gif extention.

For example, I'm going to select 5 subjects (The first 5) to build my training set. I will grab them in their sad, happy, sleepy, and surprised states. Copy them to the training set folder, and give them the gif extension.

From the making-faces folder:

find yalefaces/ -type f -exec basename {} \;| grep -Ei "subject0[1-5]\.(sad|happy|sleepy|surprised)" | xargs -I F cp yalefaces/F training_set/"F".gif

Extract Images Into test_set

Now, I'll grab 3 images and put them in test_set. For demonstration I'm going to grab the sad image of Subject01, the wink image from Subject03, and the happy image of Subject06.

This demonstrates an image that's already in the training set, a person in the training set, and a person not in the training set:

cp yalefaces/subject01.sad test_set/subject01.sad.gif
cp yalefaces/subject03.wink test_set/subject03.wink.gif
cp yalefaces/subject06.happy test_set/subject06.happy.gif

Run the Face Example.R Script

Finally, run the Face Example.R script:

Rscript -e "source('Face Example.R', chdir=TRUE)"

Note: I'm using source here so that the working directory is set to the current directory.


     min.index min.dist         max.index max.dist          
1 test_set/subject01.sad.gif         2        0 training_set/subject01.sad.gif         9 2046.016 training_set/subject03.happy.gif

      min.index min.dist            max.index max.dist          
1 test_set/subject03.wink.gif        11 75.02115 training_set/subject03.sleepy.gif         5 3481.817 training_set/subject02.happy.gif

       min.index min.dist               max.index max.dist          
1 test_set/subject06.happy.gif        12 744.4977 training_set/subject03.surprised.gif         5 3064.192 training_set/subject02.happy.gif


Code Repo for my talk on Singular Value Decomposition and PCA






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