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Command Line Virtual Boy Flash Programmer

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prog-vb is a simple open source utility for programming your FlashBoy (Plus) development cart from the command line.

This utility is mostly useful for Virtual Boy programmers; the original programmer provided is a (closed sourced!) Windows-only GUI application. In my experience, I found the GUI broke my concentration when I had to open the GUI and click around to program my flash cart each time I made changes to my homebrew (of course I have worse concentration problems that prematurely "ended" my VB homebrew career :P).

In addition, Mac/Linux users may find this application useful, since I'm unaware of a Mac/Linux-based solution for FlashBoy. Releases can be found here. Currently releases are made for the following Rust targets:

  • aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu
  • armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf
  • x86_64-apple-darwin
  • x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
  • x86_64-pc-windows-gnu

If you want a new target added to CI, ask me and I'll make a point release.

Why did I make this? For fun, mostly. I wanted an excuse to write some Rust. And I've always wanted an open source version of the programmer :).


At present, prog-vb takes one mandatory command line argument- the ROM to flash to the cart. The ROM must have been padded to 2 Megabytes ahead of time. prog-vb will automatically detect whether a FlashBoy is present, so no need to mess with VIDs or PIDs.

Command line invocation is subject to change. The accepted arguments/usage is display if a user types prog-vb -h.

When running the program for the first time on Windows 10, it is possible that Windows Defender SmartScreen will block the app. As a workaround, click "More information" on the warning window, and there will be an option to run the program anyway. You should only need to do this once. There is not much I can do about this at present, as I don't have a code-signing certificate.


  • Developer Mode for quick flashing.
  • Unexpected responses from FlashBoy are handled by failing immediately, without a good error message. I've yet to determine what types of messages to expect if programming fails.
  • Do FlashBoy and FlashBoy Plus have different VID:PIDs?


Command Line Virtual Boy Flash Cart (FlashBoy) Programmer







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