Silicon die analysis of the Yamaha YM2151 FM Synthesis chip
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YM2151 Vectorization

This project attempts to vectorize the die layers of a Yamaha YM2151 FM Synthesis chip, with Operator Type M.

Although the layers file is standalone, it is best opened in Inkscape with an image of the die.

The die is a .png over 600MB large, and so is not committed in this repo. The die image can be downloaded here. This will require at least 2GB of memory. The die filename should not be changed from ym2151-metal.png so that the SVG interpreter can find the image when parsing the file.


To actually obtain a schematic, the vectorized file needs to be run through various stages of dietools. This has been automated using the Meson Build System. To get started, simply run: build
cd build && ninja

The output will be available in two files:

  • ym2151-schem.txt- Text file that can be used as the lone input argument to sview schematic viewer.
  • ym2151-schem.svg- SVG file of the schematic viewable in any SVG viewer.

dietools uses configuration files to determine input and output files, and is sensitive to changes in paths. Meson does not specify where output files will actually be placed other than a build root. Any files with *.in extension will have variables enclosed in @@ substituted based on where meson decides to run commands.


Current status is:

  • Vdd (5V) and Vss (GND) completely traced (far as I can tell)!

Colour table

Layer RGB Value Interior Alpha Exterior Alpha
Active 0x0000FF 60 255
Poly 0xFF0000 60 255
Metal 0xFFFF00 60 255
Via 0x00FF00 60 255
Buried Contact 0xFF00FF 60 255