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Fantasy Football Draft Room - powered by Twilio

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Fantasy Football Draft Room

Hey sports fans, welcome to my latest Node.js experiment. Check out the hosted version of the Twilio Fantasy Football Draft Room.



This app contains a single endpoint /voice for Twilio to use in setting-up your conference room. The TwiML is defined in views\voice.hjs and is currently configured to support conference calls with a max of 14 participants and a max duration of 3 hours. You can easily edit this to your liking:

  <Say>Welcome to the Fantasy Football Draft Room</Say>
  <Pause length="1"/>
  <Say>Brought to you by Twilio</Say>
  <Pause length="1"/>
  <Say>Connecting you to your conference now</Say>
  <Dial timeLimit="10800">
    <Conference maxParticipants="14" waitUrl="">{{id}}</Conference>
  <Gather method="get" numDigits="4">
    <Say>Please enter your 4 digit code now</Say>


Step-by-step instructions on getting this up and running:

1) Create free accounts on Twilio, Nodejitsu and RedisToGo if you don't already have them. Nodejitsu and RedisToGo are optional, feel free to swap-in similar services.

2) Create a new Twilio TwiML application (note the Application ID)

3) Grab the latest source

git clone

4) Create your own config.js file

mv config.sample.js config.js

5) Edit config.js and configure your Twilio & Redis credentials

6) Edit package.json and set your own values for subdomain and domains

6) Deploy to Nodejitsu

jitsu deploy

6) Point your TwiML application's voiceURL at

7) Done!


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