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Code Outline

A small Eclipse-esque outline that lists all functions and CSS definitions in your current file, providing shortcuts for quick navigation.


What's New

  • Toggle Function Arguments
  • Toggle Outline from Toolbar (Thanks to Karsten Bruckmann!)
  • Show Outline in Sidebar or next to the Toolbar (Also thanks to Karsten!)

Current Features

  • List and Quickly Jump to Functions and CSS Definitions
  • Hide Unnamed Functions
  • Works for JS, PHP, and CSS

Planned Features

In the future, I'd like to add arrays, objects, and variables to the outline and display them in a collapsible tree. But right now that's more of a nice-to-have for me, so I'm uncertain if and when I'll get around to it.

How to Install

Code Outline is an extension for Brackets.

To install extensions:

  1. Choose File > Extension Manager and select the Available tab.
  2. Search for this extension.
  3. Click Install.


MIT-licensed -- see main.js for details.