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Crafatar serves Minecraft avatars based on the skin for use in external applications. Inspired by Gravatar (hence the name) and Minotar.

Image manipulation is done by lwip. 3D renders are created with node-canvas / cairo.

Contributions welcome!

There are usually a few open issues.
We welcome any opinions or advice in discussions as well as pull requests.
Issues tagged with help wanted show where we could especially need your help!


jomo's avatar Jake_0's avatar Notch's avatar sk89q's avatar
jomo's 3d head Jake_0's 3d head Notch's 3d head sk89q's 3d head
jomo's 3d body Jake_0's 3d body Notch's 3d body sk89q's 3d body
jomo's skin Jake_0's skin Notch's skin sk89q's skin

Usage / Documentation

Please visit the website for details.



Have a look at crafatar/setup to see how we set things up at Crafatar.

For more info about local setup, Heroku, or Dokku please see Installation on the wiki.


npm test

If you want to debug failing tests:

# show logs during tests
env VERBOSE_TEST=true npm test

It can be helpful to monitor redis commands to debug caching errors:

redis-cli monitor