Who uses crafatar?

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Websites using Crafatar

A list of Websites that currently use Crafatar (or have used it in the past):

Websites using Crafatar
Technic Platform Hypixel Minecraft-Server.eu
Pixelmon Servers MC Index NameMC
Shotbow Epicube WesterosCraft
Apex Minecraft Hosting WynnCraft (Staff panel) Cosmic PVP
Plancke Arkham Network Alt Dispenser
GGServers World Of Minecraft BeanBlockz
Terraconia Скины для Minecraft Replay Mod
Saico PVP MyFTB.de MCSkinHistory
HelloMiners MineShop Funville
Timolia (Staff tool) Frostcast MC-Servers.org
FusionCraft (Staff tool) Play Mindcrack MCPE Stuffs
Avicus Network Minehut Network mcmonkey Skin Search
YouCanCraft GuildMaster CraftFriends
Kratous / MinigameMC MCUsername Xinscraft.nl
Becto.net Snapcraft.net Flanderscraft.be

Other Services using Crafatar


Technic Launcher

Install thousands of modpacks with one simple click. source code

WesterosCraft Launcher

A modern, elegant launcher written in Node.js & Electron. Join the network seamlessly with the click of a button. source code


Allows you to manage multiple instances of Minecraft with mods, texture packs, etc. source code

Server Management


ServerMiner's web based "multiplayer control panel". See screenshot


Web based "no-nonse game server management panel"

Ban Management

Bukkit plugin that allows you to store reasons for bans. Comes with a web frontend including stats and search. source code


A logger and web interface for BungeeCord that provides an overview of your server and useful logs through user actions. source code


Manage your Bukkit server from your browser. source code



Shows Minecraft avatars and links Minecraft accounts in XenForo forums. source code

MineCraft Avatar

Downloads avatars and uses them as profile pictures in XenForo forums.


Integrates your Minecraft server with your XenForo forum, syncs ranks and links players.

Minecraft Heads

Shows Minecraft avatars in Discourse forums.

Crafatar Avatars

Plugin for Vanilla 2 forums that uses Minecraft avatars. source code



Exchange messages between Minecraft and Slack. Works with BungeeCord, Bukkit, Sponge, and Forge.


A simple Slack to Minecraft chat gateway, works with vanilla servers.


Provides an interface between a Minecraft server chat and Slack.



A powerful and extensible Discord bot with command piping

Server Plugins


Greets players on Bukkit servers with their avatar in chat. Message and avatar are very customizable. source code


Feature-rich audio plugin for Bukkit servers with a web interface. source code

Mobile Apps

Skins for Minecraft for Android

Discover, search, and download MCPE skins. source code

Skinseed for iOS

Discover, search, and edit MC + MCPE skins.



Look up MC usernames and UUIDs, check if a server is blacklisted and other misc APIs. github

3D Minecraft Skin Viewer

WebGL based Skin Viewer using Three.Js' HTML5 3D Engine. See demo.

MC Skinit

Edit your skin on the web with various overlays and modifications.


Minecraft 1.7.10 mod that adds support for 1.8 skins. source code

Minecraft Server Ping

HTML5 web app to check your server status.

Enjin Minecraft Avatar Fix

Google Chrome extension that fixes 1.8 skins on Enjin. source code

SkinGrabber Twitter Bot

A Twitter Bot that allows you anytime to get skins in different ways.

Minecraft Skin Viewer

A Minecraft skin viewer made by jtrent238.


Animated WebGL skin viewer and server info. source code

Skin Fixer

Fixes the no skin issue that Minecraft 1.6.4 clients face. source code

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