Evaluation functions for music/audio information retrieval/signal processing algorithms.
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* Sort ref/est file lists in generate_data.py

* Add transcription eval with velocity

* Fix default velocity tolerance to be 0.1
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Python library for computing common heuristic accuracy scores for various music/audio information retrieval/signal processing tasks.

Documentation, including installation and usage information: http://craffel.github.io/mir_eval/

If you're looking for the mir_eval web service, which you can use to run mir_eval without installing anything or writing any code, it can be found here: http://labrosa.ee.columbia.edu/mir_eval/


If you use mir_eval in a research project, please cite the following paper:

Colin Raffel, Brian McFee, Eric J. Humphrey, Justin Salamon, Oriol Nieto, Dawen Liang, and Daniel P. W. Ellis, "mir_eval: A Transparent Implementation of Common MIR Metrics", Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, 2014.