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Queries by URI with Postgres Significantly Degrade Performance #5045

mbrochstein opened this issue Oct 3, 2019 · 3 comments


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commented Oct 3, 2019


When using ->uri($uri) on an ElementQuery and a postgres database, the \craft\elements\db\ElementsQuery class forces caseInsensitive=true where clause in the query, which when processed by the \craft\helpers\Db classes' static parseParam method, adds a lower() wrapper when on postgres. This has a massive query performance implication, and cannot be turned off.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Configure CraftCMS with a PostgreSQL database
  2. Look at database queries that are produced.

Additional info

  • Craft version: 3.3
  • PHP version: 7.1
  • Database driver & version: PostgreSQL 10
  • Plugins & versions: N/A

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commented Oct 8, 2019

We do create an index on lower("uri"), which should be used on element queries with the uri param:

$this->createIndex($this->db->getIndexName(Table::ELEMENTS_SITES, ['uri', 'siteId']), Table::ELEMENTS_SITES, ['lower([[uri]])', 'siteId']);

I just verified that this element query:

$entry = Entry::find()

will in fact use that index; from the EXPLAIN:

->  Index Scan using "elements_sites_uri_siteId_idx" on elements_sites elements_sites_1  (cost=0.14..8.16 rows=1 width=12)

That said the index could be ignored if other conditions come before uri. Are you able to share your full element query?


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commented Oct 14, 2019

@brandonkelly Sure. Here it is:

  "elements_sites"."enabled" AS "enabledForSite",
  "content"."id"             AS "contentId",
        "elements"."id"       AS "elementsId",
        "elements_sites"."id" AS "elementsSitesId",
        "content"."id"        AS "contentId",
      FROM "craft_elements" "elements"
        INNER JOIN "craft_entries" "entries" ON "entries"."id" = "elements"."id"
        INNER JOIN "craft_elements_sites" "elements_sites" ON "elements_sites"."elementId" = "elements"."id"
        INNER JOIN "craft_content" "content"
          ON ("content"."elementId" = "elements"."id") AND ("content"."siteId" = "elements_sites"."siteId")
        LEFT JOIN "craft_structureelements" "structureelements"
          ON ("structureelements"."elementId" = "elements"."id") AND (EXISTS(SELECT *
                                                                             FROM "craft_structures"
                                                                             WHERE ("id" =
                                                                                   AND ("dateDeleted" IS NULL)))
      WHERE ("elements_sites"."siteId" = 1) AND ("elements"."archived" = 'f') AND (
        (("elements"."enabled" = 't') AND ("elements_sites"."enabled" = 't')) AND
        ("entries"."postDate" <= '2019-10-03 04:55:11') AND
        (("entries"."expiryDate" IS NULL) OR ("entries"."expiryDate" > '2019-10-03 04:55:11'))) AND
            ("elements"."dateDeleted" IS NULL) AND
            (lower("elements_sites"."uri") = 'the-unique-uri') AND
            ("elements_sites"."enabled" = 't') AND ("elements"."draftId" IS NULL) AND ("elements"."revisionId" IS NULL)
      ORDER BY "postDate" DESC
      LIMIT 10) "subquery"
  INNER JOIN "craft_entries" "entries" ON "entries"."id" = "subquery"."elementsId"
  INNER JOIN "craft_elements" "elements" ON "elements"."id" = "subquery"."elementsId"
  INNER JOIN "craft_elements_sites" "elements_sites" ON "elements_sites"."id" = "subquery"."elementsSitesId"
  INNER JOIN "craft_content" "content" ON "content"."id" = "subquery"."contentId"
  LEFT JOIN "craft_structureelements" "structureelements"
    ON ("structureelements"."elementId" = "subquery"."elementsId") AND
       ("structureelements"."structureId" = "subquery"."structureId")
ORDER BY "postDate" DESC;

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commented Oct 14, 2019

The php code is as follows:

$entryQuery = Entry::find()
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