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Craft CMS

About Craft CMS

Craft is a flexible and scalable CMS for creating bespoke digital experiences on the web and beyond.

It features:

Learn more about it at

Tech Specs

Craft is written in PHP (7+), and built on the Yii 2 framework. It can connect to MySQL (5.5+) and PostgreSQL (9.5+) for content storage.


See the following documentation pages for help installing Craft 3:


Official Resources

  • Documentation – Everything from usage instructions to plugin guides.
  • Class Reference – Full API and class reference for plugin and module developers.
  • Demo site – Quickly launch a personalized demo of a Craft site.
  • Craft Slack – Join one of the most friendly and helpful Slack groups around.
  • Craft Commerce – First-party e-commerce platform for Craft.

Community Resources

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