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Mobile App for RubyConf Uruguay 2011

Mobile app for the RubyConf Uruguay 2011 conference

Common Code

  • As the xcode project allows linking the www folder to any directory outside the project tree but the android project can't do that (or we coudln't find out), we are using the android assets directory as the common resources directory (js, html and css). So if you change the android/assets/www/index.html you are changing the iPhone project index.html too. The rackup app uses the android assets folder as well. So:

    • Android: android/assets/www is the real place where resources live.
    • iPhone: iphone/www is an XCode reference to android/assets/www
    • Rackup: app/www links to android/assets/www
  • This structure is different on platform specific resources (e.g: phonegap-1.0.0.js) so we are using different folders for this:

    • iPhone: iphone/platformjs
    • Android: android/assets/platformjs
    • Rackup: app/platformjs

Running the app

For development purposes you can run the application on the iphone simulator, the android emulator or a rackup app. Remember to first rename to with the correct config.

iPhone app

Android app

Create an avd called rubyconfavd for the android simulator.

Rename to and change its content to reflect your sdk path.

To manually deploy to the emulator follow this instructions) or alternatively:

  1. Start the android emulator device with rake android_start_simulator
  2. Install the app with rake android_deploy_simulator

Rackup app

Just run rake server. Notice that here we use a faked version of phonegap provided by phonetap.


Run the rake script to see all the available tasks.